Workbook 1 - Create a culturally inclusive learning environment

Explore the interconnected relationships between language, culture and learning to grasp their impact on English teaching.

Workbook 4 - Teach spelling and pronunciation

Learn to teach English sound-spelling relationships, spelling rules, pronunciation, rhythm, stress and intonation.

Workbook 5 - Teach speaking

Delve into the communicative approach and practical techniques for teaching spoken English skills.

Workbook 6 - Teach listening

Explore the different ways in which we listen and learn practical techniques for developing these listening skills in a range of situations. 

Workbook 7 - Teach reading

Discover a diverse range of adaptable techniques for developing reading skills across various language and literacy backgrounds.

Workbook 8 - Teach writing

Explore diverse written genres to create customised writing lessons, fostering English literacy and enhancing symbol production abilities.

Workbook 9 - Teach English using technology

Get equipped with essential skills for integrating technology into English lessons to become a versatile teacher in modern learning environments.