Plagiarism reminder

Plagiarism reminder

by Daria Cooper -
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Over the many years of delivering training, encounters with plagiarism have been a rare, but serious infraction. With the emergence of websites offering access to answers and AI tools to generate text, we are unfortunately starting to see more instances of plagiarism.

Due to the nature of the course assessment, it very quickly becomes obvious when a student has potentially copied their answers from another source. 

When potential plagiarism is detected, we will issue a formal warning, as per the policies outlined in the Student Handbook. If more than one plagiarism warning is issued, then you run the risk of your enrolment being cancelled. 

Most students do the right thing and work hard to write their own assessment, and we thank you for that. Please continue to make sure your work is your own, and not that from another student, AI tool or website offering course answers. 

We understand that some published ESL websites and TESOL textbooks have good and valuable ideas and supportive information. If using these to support your answers, please reference them accordingly. We've added a 'How to reference' section into the TESOL Study Guide if you're unsure on how to reference, but in most cases even a simple acknowledgement will do (e.g. "source: 

If you have any questions or need further support with the coursework, then please reach out to your TESOL Trainer at any time.

LTi Administration Team